Details for the DBx2-Pro
If you are familiar with our previous DBx2~SSQ .... We have spent the last 2 years developing this lighter more compact
unit, with the much larger bulb, to be the even more user friendly machine that we can export.  With Donáe in charge of
the design layout it went from the original SSQ model in a plastic tool box to the  elegant design you see now.

The only problem we experienced with the original machine was the whole 40 pound unit had to be shipped back for
upgrades or maintenance.  The electronics are now on one plug-in circuit board and the power supply is also a plug-in
modular unit.  Each can be removed and returned for repair or upgrade.   As this business is totally word of mouth, our
integrity is of utmost importance.   We offer a parts and labor warrantee plus free upgrades for one year from date of
purchase.  Because this so important to us, we routinely honor this warrantee beyond this date.

This machine is 32" x  14" x 5" , weighs 35 lbs  and is self-contained with the computer tethered (plugs into side of unit) 
for ease of use.           ( 81.3cm  x  35.6cm  x  12.7cm  x  15.9kg )

The unit uses a 3.1 MHz carrier to fire the 30" x 3"  (76.2cm x 76.2mm)  BAT Plasma bulb.

There are 3 power settings: Low (75 VDC at ±75 watts) .... Preferred (115 VDC at ±125 watts)    ....   and  Intense (155
VDC at  220-250 watts)  

Each unit is tested at 450 Watts average / 900 Watt Peak after the bulb has been burned in and stabliized before
shipment.  Each machine is then run for at least 20 hours.  We are unique in where we are located in a extremely
powerful energy vortex ... each machine is connected to this vortex.  Many believe this makes our units unique.

The power readings are input to the amplifier with the average output of the bulb 80%  (solid state) of that number not
the 40% efficiency of a vacuum tube system.   These readings are the average (50% duty cycle- not the 100% peak most
companies use)  Thanks to Ralph Hartwell's innovative technology, this unit is 5 to 6 times more powerful than other
units available.  This is a true Plug and Play machine.  Plug the retractable power cord into the wall outlet (generator or
inverter), plug the provided 25 foot audio cord into the side of the machine and the netbook's headphone jack and turn it
on.  The only learning curve is the Frex frequency generating software, which has a very extensive help section.  We
suggest you download the free ver (asks if you want to buy every 5 min) and try this very powerful user friendly
http://frex.com.au/frexdl.html       Ken Uzzell, the designer of this great program is now using the  DBx2-Pro machine In
his naturopathic practice, which is his real job :-)

The unit always starts at the Low setting to warm the bulb for 10 seconds after which the preferred / Intense power is
controlled by a slider switch on the front of the unit.

The Duty Cycle is controlled by the hardware and the unit works  at 50%-60% duty cycle.

There is no detectable Radio Frequency radiation more than 1 foot from the machine.

We are using a 30" (76.2cm) x 3" (76.2mm) 100% Neon plasma tube with a rare earth Getter which will be tested and
the initial burn- in completed.  It has been found that plasma bulbs with power level of above 100 watts average input
will drive oxygen out of the glass and the contaminate will render the bulb ineffective.  Beware of claims of over
100watts with a tube without a getter.  This bulb has been tested at 450w average / 900w peak without any problems. 
The tube in our personal machine has well over 10,000 hours and shows no sign of any degrading.

We have improved the electronics in conjunction with Ralph Hartwell for a more stable operation.  Ralph is
internationally known for his integrity and innovative high powered rife developments.  Our electronics are a modified
(dual mosfet 4 layer version) of his new SPA 5 board with the added  low start feature and audio sensing to protect the
plasma bulb.  We sent the first Pro machine to Ralph for evaluation ... he was so impressed, he kept it.  You can call him
at    1(318)527-6766  or  ralph@spectrotek.com for his report.

The dedicated Acer Aspire One netbook is included and checked for calibration. It is required for its accuracy and
superior shielding for use in close proximity of a Plasma field.

We  include licensed FreX 16 and FreXmcm.    Licensed  by  Ken Uzzell at Frex.com.au

            We cannot sell this  machine for anything but research.

The machine is sold under NAICS Code 334517-Irradiation Apparatus
manufacturing for research into of mold irradiation in agriculture environments.

The current price is $5,000 usd plus $40 packaging, and the USPS ( $50-130 USA )   shipping charges to your location.
We would be happy to discuss shipping outside of the United States and what all that may entail as we research  different 
countries ....  it is above the comprehension of us mere mortals  :-)    Purchaser will be required to pay your country's
VAT or GST and custom charges before the unit will be released once it has arrived in your country.
California addresses require a 7.25% sales tax.
We prefer bank transfer but ...
For protection of both parties we accept  Pay Pal with a 3% svc charge
Physically signed (printed. signed, scanned OK or good photo) and returned disclaimers are required before the unit can
be shipped.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the personal nature of these machines we will not accept returns.
We will  accept  DBx2~Pro   for repairs, which will always be welcomed and handled quickly.
1 year  parts and labor warranty from date of shipping, customer pays shipping back to us and we pay shipping back.
Outside the continental US customer pays shipping both directions less $100 usd.
When possible needed parts can be exchanged to save on shipping.
Please make sure you are comfortable with the DBx2~Pro before purchasing it.

I hope this answers all your questions,
Enjoy your Journey,
Drake and Donáe