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>     I'm looking to buy a new Rife Machine.  What's the best one to buy these days?

1st ... What country are you in .... there are export / custom issues in each country.

2nd  go solid state ... If R. Rife was alive today he would not be using 1930's tech.  Efficiency of a solid State (i.e. transistor vs vacuum tube) is 80% vs 45%.  Output of the unit is the DC voltage X Amps into the amplifier X efficiency.  Good units will list power at 50% duty cycle.  (time on vs time off)  Above 75-80% duty cycle working vibrations begin to merge.  Pretty party light doing no work.  Visible light is the effect of the gas used ... different gas, different color ... No known difference in effects of different noble gas other than Neon is much friendlier to the Pyrex glass used.  The visible light is not doing the work, it is the short wave length emitted by the plasma.
Larger the diameter of the tube and the more area and gas the more effective the results.
Internal electrodes are limited to below 150 watts as they will crack the glass.  Internal electrodes act as getters.
Any tube driven above 70 watts will require rare earth getters as the plasma knocks Oxygen off the glass molecules,  contaminating the gas to in-effectiveness.

So .... if you are electronically handy ... have a friend or relative who is good and willing.  Not looking for a self contained portable unit.  (The components do interact with each other and to make it self contained requires lots of shielding and trial and error to keep all those rascals in line (-:  )
The only place to go is Ralph Hartwell.  He has dedicated his life to building and perfecting rife kits.  He sells the kits in various forms of completion and has massive documentation on his site.  He also is one of the few who lists his phone and is always happy to answer anyone's questions.  No one is better or more knowledgeable than this man !
  http://rife-beam-ray.com/             1(318)527-6766

For Bulbs ... Bill Cheb ... the only one we have found who has all variations of bulbs and included getters in most of his bulbs.       http://billsplasmatubes.com/

For frequency control ....  no one does it better than our own Ken Uzzell.
His FreX16 and FreXmcm software is the most powerful and user friendly in existence.  
We suggest to everyone to download the free version to see how powerful and friendly these programs are ... the free ver just shuts off every so often.

If you are not able to build your own, you will pay 4 to 5 thousand usd.  Not cheap but these are not mass produced or made in China.  Normally hand made to order for research.  Much research, development, trial and error has gone into all the machines that are available today.

We humbly submit our DBx2-Pro unit for you to evaluate.
This machine is self contained        32" x  14" x 5"     and  weighs 33 lbs.
The unit uses a 3.1 MHz carrier to fire the Plasma bulb.
It is hand made using electronics based on Ralph's work (Licensed by Ralph).  A Bill Cheb 31" x 3" BAT tube  (78.74cm x 76.2mm)
With included computer loaded with licensed FreX16 and FreXmcm.

Good luck on your search
Enjoy the Journey,
Drake and Donáe Bondi

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> The 3.1MHz carrier seems to be where the action is for knocking out and lowering pathogens.
> I have had mine for close to 3 years years now and wouldn't surrender it for anything :-)
> Regards
> Ken U
> On 25/05/2016 2:05 AM, estfitz100@yahoo.com [frex] wrote:
>     I'm looking to buy a new Rife Machine.  What's the best one to buy these days? I currently have and
>     EMX and a True Rife machine.  I bought them about 10 years ago so I'm guessing the technology has
>     improved.
>     Thanks!